Manage Okta user accounts within Zendesk

Zendesk is a pretty popular ticketing systems that a lot of IT teams use to provide quick and efficient service to their customers. One of the great things about Zendesk is the Zendesk Marketplace and the availability of 3rd party apps that integrate seamlessly into Zendesk thus adding additional functionality into Zendesk.

On the other hand Okta is a great identity and access management but the lack of a decent integration with Zendesk means IT teams regularly have to open up the Okta console to do even the most basic of tasks such as resetting passwords, unlocking accounts. If you’ve ever used Okta, you know these are neither straightforward, easy or fast. I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult to code a tiny Zendesk app that would allow for these basic Okta tasks quickly and easily from within Zendesk console.

Introducing Okta Admin Tool For Zendesk. An app based on the Zendesk app framework that allows IT admins to quickly execute Okta user tasks such as:

Reset Passwords
Unlock accounts
Suspend accounts
Deactivate accounts
Reset Multifactor enrollments

Okta Admin Tool For Zendesk

The app requires your Okta SubDomain (eg. – enter ABC as your subdomain) and your Okta API key. All API credentials are stored securely and follows Zendesk SDK guidelines.

To install, download the app zip from Github (linked above). Log into your Zendesk instance >> Settings >> Apps >> Manage >> Upload private app

The app is currently pending approval in Zendesk Marketplace, I’m hoping to have it approved soon but in the meantime you can always install it from its Github Source.

Rishi Dhar

Rishi Dhar

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